Truffle hunting (registration required)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 18:00 to 21:00

Did you know that truffles – one of the most expensive food in the world – used to grow also in Prague and its surroundings?! Yes, they were!… and now you can hunt for some during your Erasmus stay here in Prague!

Come and experience extraordinary tour of truffle hunt demonstration combined with a lot of stories from secret and mysterious truffle hunters life. You will learn how to train a dog for truffle hunting, how the truffle business works (including interesting stories about truffle mafia, truffle stock exchange etc.), touch, smell and taste real truffles.

We are student of faculty of Science and also truffle hunters supplying all Czech Michelin Star restaurants. We spend the winter in oak forests of Mediterranean, Italy and Istria, and during the summer we are here in Prague and because we need to train dog Nela every day - you have great opportunity to enjoy this truffle hunting evening. 

This truffle hunt experience is going to be finished by an excellent truffle dish and talking and answering your questions at the table :) 

When? Wednesday 19th April 18:00

Where? Student hostel Budeč (Wenzigova 20), 5 minutes of walk from I.P. Pavlova

How much? for FREE (just for your feedback)

Contacts: synek85 [at]; lucie.diblikova [at];+420 735 507 782

Please reserve your place here as soon as possible. The capacity of this event is limited.

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