Living in Czechia

Despite Czechia being known mostly for its capital Prague, we believe the whole country has much to offer and it would be a big loss for you if you didn´t dare to step out of the capital. That´s also why we organize a number of one day or multi-day trips to our favorite places which are still not that far from Prague. 
But first of all, we hope that the information in the next sections — student accommodation, Prague public transport, shopping and holidays and tradition will give you some useful advice and help you to feel more at home. If you have any specific questions or problems you need help with don’t hesitate to contact us.

Moreover, we recommend you to get Prague USE-IT guide for young travelers which contains many useful, funny, and truthful information about Prague and Czechs (“act like a local” section) but also gives you tips for pretty unique places around Prague (for sightseeing, eating out, coffee, shopping, etc.). You can download the map or get it for free in some of the Prague information centers. 

Also, we think you might benefit from checking out a youtube channel called Honest guide which is done by locals Honza and Janek (short versions for the most common Czech name Jan) and is full of good tips on what to do or visit but also what to avoid or be aware of in Prague. 

And finally, we have created a Google map where we Erasmus club members are adding places in Prague but also outside of Prague which we think are definitely worth visiting if you got the chance. Hope it will be useful for you!

use it