Studying at the Faculty of Science

Welcome to the Faculty of Science! Faculty, which became the fifth faculty of Charles University when it was established in 1920. However, the history of science at Charles University is much richer and goes much beyond the 20th century. 
Hope that your exchange stay at the Faculty will enrich you with knowledge and experience and new angles to your study field and education in general. We´ve gathered some information (in the next sections) that will hopefully speed up your orientation in the “administrative part” of school matters and make your life a bit easier. 
Useful sources of information are also the website of Erasmus office of the Faculty of Science where you can find Erasmus arrival sheet and Basic information about the Faculty with maps of the campus and also the website of the Charles University with information for Erasmus students in areas such as accommodation, academic calendar, and grading system. Good luck, and study up.