Prague Walks

Pretty frequently, at least once in two weeks, we organize Prague walks. We will take you off the touristy Prague spots to places we personally like and think are unique. Sometimes it can be well-known places or neighborhoods, but maybe you haven´t had a chance to get there yet or you don´t want to explore them on your own. Moreover, we mostly know the best local student pubs and cafes where we can finish our walk. Some of the locations we have visited in the past were Vyšehrad fort, Karlín and Žižkov neighborhoods or natural reserve Divoká Šárka. Come and discover Prague’s hidden gems with us! 

If you want to wander around Prague on your own we recommend checking the Prague USE-IT map for young travelers, which is full of great tips for “off the beaten track” spots such as cafes, restaurants, shops, and many more.