The Erasmus club organizes several trips throughout the academic year which includes multi-day trips (e. g. famous Welcome trips) or just one-day trips in proximity to Prague. We are fans of hiking and camping so expect trips focused on the exploration of the Czech “mountains” and countryside. However, we organize sightseeing trips as well — to historically interesting cities, castles, museums, or even excursions to places such as a brewery. After all, mostly we end up combining some adventurous trips with a bit of sightseeing so everyone will have what he likes in the program. 

Welcome trips

These trips to castle Bouzov (for the winter semester) or Prášily in Šumava mountains (for the summer semester) have a long tradition and they are considered to be the best trips we organize. They are happening at the very beginning of the semester, just after your arrival in Czechia which provides you with a great opportunity to meet the other exchange students and ask us about living and studying in Prague. During the Bouzov trip, you not only visit the castle but also Javoříčské caves and play games, sports or make fire. On the other hand in Prášily you can expect snow, so take skis and sledge with you. :) 

Dresden Christmas trip

This is another traditional (since 2012) and the only trip abroad which we organize so far. It is a day trip for a fabulous price and mostly without the limit for the number of participants. During this trip, you can see the oldest Christmas market in Germany, admire the excellent museums and galleries that are located there, or visit “the most beautiful dairy shop in the world” according to the Guinness Book of Records. Moreover, we highly recommend trying the famous and delicious Dresden stollen (the local traditional Christmas dessert).

Canoeing trip

Do you like water and having fun? This is the trip you have to participate in! It is a weekend trip with a rather small group of people. Canoeing is one of the most popular Czech summer activities and there is a number of rivers with great conditions for canoeing such as Berounka, Jizera, Lužnice, Morava, Ohře, Otava, Sázava, and Vltava. We will choose one of the rivers and enjoy canoeing whilst surrounded by the beautiful Czech landscape. And of course, it is also about the evenings that we spend together!