Regular Events

These activities and events are organized every year and each semester so you won´t miss them even though you will study at Charles University just for one semester. 

International dinner

International dinner is probably the most popular event organized together by Erasmus Club and ESN CU Prague. The event is held at the beginning of the semester and is a good opportunity for meeting with other exchange students. You can make new friends there and especially you can try Czech or foreign cuisine and food from all over the world. 

International Dinner

Dancing evening

This is a workshop on Czech folk dancing that is mostly organized by the end of the semester. It is a fun event and the dances are easy so anyone can manage to learn them in one evening. Doesn´t matter if you know how to dance, the important thing is not to be shy and try it :). Also, if you know some of your own national dances, and are keen to teach others how to dance them, let us know! It happened in the past that we learned not only Czech folk dances but also Lithuanian, Finnish, and many others. Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor! 

Dancing Evening

Erasmus evenings

Erasmus club members organize many different thematic events and activities that we call “Erasmus evenings”. These include traditional cultural events such as “St. Nicholas” day or “Czech Easter traditions” but also other events of different topics like Czech Movie night, Board games evening, Swing evening, Tea quiz, Food evening or the Christmas workshop of decorating gingerbread for example. 


Faculty flea market (Swap)

A cool event where you can meet Czech and foreign students buying, selling, and exchanging things they don´t need or they must have. This vibrant event is one of the best examples of student life that is not only about studying and doing homework. Come and enjoy this unique atmosphere and accompanying program.