First erasmus evening - winter semester 2013

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Erasmus club invites all international and Czech students to Erasmus evening - every second thursday, usually at student club Chladič (at Hlavova 8).

First meeting will be on 10th of October with the topic of “The natural beauty of the Czech Republic”. It starts at 7 PM at Chladič.

The information about our erasmus evening (with all dates) is at special page.


Hello everybody,

the second Erasmus evening will take place on October 24 from 7 pm in Chladic.

The topic will be Potluck – an event when all people bring some meal typical for their culture and then taste all the amazing things other people bring. There will also be a contest for the most tasty / original meal. From experience, this is one of the most popular evenings, so do not miss it out, bring some meal and your friends and see you on Thursday!

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