Noc vědců

Check the list of the courses guaranteed to be taught in English. Moreover, you can find the list in the Student Information System (SIS) where is also detailed information about each of the courses (extent, credit points, annotation, syllabus, the language of the course, schedule, etc.) and the name of the respective teacher – by clicking on it, you will find the teacher’s email address.

If you need advice about the student information system, the enrolment into the courses, the changes of your learning agreement, or the possibilities of taking up courses from different faculties of Charles University contact the Erasmus Office.

Also, there is a possibility (although this one depends almost absolutely on the teacher’s will) to take up a course which is regularly taught in Czech but in order to pass it to get some assignments in English. You need to discuss this option with the respective teacher. The Czech classes can be found in this part of SIS. Sometimes you can find a note in the annotation, that the class can be taught in English, then definitely try to contact the teacher! We also recommend signing up for the course of the Czech language and get a slight understanding of the Slavic languages´ complexity. :) 

Furthermore, there are irregular events happening at each of the faculties of Charles University such as workshops, lectures, or conferences. It´s worth checking the faculties´ websites from time to time, for example, The Faculty of Science, The Faculty of Arts, or The Faculty of Social Sciences