There are eleven Charles University canteens around Prague which are open during lunch hours every workday. The Czech word for student’s canteen is “menza”. Lunch is “oběd” and usually consists of soup (polévka) and a warm main meal (hlavní chod). You can take a dessert or salad as well. 


The canteens are spread around Prague either closely to the dormitories or near the university´s buildings. The closest canteens to the Faculty of Science are Albertov and Budeč. The Hostivař dormitory has its canteen too.

Opening hours

The opening hours are usually from 11 am to 2 pm with some exceptions.


The price is subsidized for students and depends on the meal, the mean price for students is 70-100 CZK for one lunch, which includes a soup, main course and canteen tea. You need to load some money (at least CZK 200) on your student ID card which you do at the cash-desk in any of the canteens. Then you can pay your meals with the card. The meal is paid, when you place the card to the sensor before taking your meal at the counter.


The menu consists of typical Czech canteen food. Menus of all Charles University canteens are published here. You can switch to English, but the menus are in Czech, so ask your buddy for help with the translation. You can also choose the meal once you enter the canteen, usually there are screens showing what is on the menu of the day.