Buddy Programme

Each incoming student has an opportunity to link with a Czech buddy who would help her/him during her/his stay in Prague. Czech buddy can help you, especially during the arrival, with check in to the dorm and with the unnecessarily complex administration which is a threat to every new student of Charles University (we speak especially about the Student Information System and the enrolment into courses). Moreover, a buddy can share with you some information about the local culture and you can practice your Czech with him. 

The Buddy Programme covers the whole of Charles University (so it can happen to you that you will get a buddy from a different faculty) and it is organized by the ESN CU Prague.

Czech buddy can help you, mediate communication in Czech and give you advice but please note, she or he is a volunteer so be please appreciative of his/her time.

If you are interested in the Buddy Programme check this website for more information and you can register for it in this application.

If you have any questions, contact the university club at buddyatesncuprague [dot] cz.

If you are a Czech student and want to become a buddy, please have a look here.

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