Who is who in Erasmus Club

  • Maybe you need to see someone from Club and don’t know what he/she looks like.
  • Maybe you need some help and don’t know who is the best person to ask for.
  • Maybe you are Czech student who want to join us and is looking for some free job in the club activities (or maybe just want to see if any of your friends is already a member).
  • Maybe you are just curious who is a member and what is his responsibility.

Tomáš Burdych

The president of Erasmus Club and long-term club member. He communicates with ESN CU Prague (Erasmus Student Network Charles University ), with Erasmus office at our faculty and is the only one who can speak for the club. He is responsible for coordination of club activities. You can contact Tomáš via our Contact form or by this burdychtatnatur [dot] cuni [dot] cz (mail)


Valerie Tahtahová

The vice president of Erasmus Club. 

  Mrkev Obecná

Stygy (Jan Stejskal)

We are very glad that this guy is in our team. He is experienced in organization of parties of every kind and he organized several events. He is also the support and voice of our new club members

  Lukáš Cudlman
  Míša Šrámková
  Pavlína Marková
  Květa Brázdilová
  Peter Michalovič
  Sandra Žáčková
  Faustýna Stanislavová
  Lucia Akantisová
The Ex-Members:  
Zuzka Kubínová

Zuzka Kubínová

The Ex-president of Erasmus Club, one of the founder members. She communicates with Erasmus office at our faculty. She was our adviser and support.

Anežka Kodatová

The Ex-vice president of Erasmus Club. She was the smiling and helpful member of Erasmus club. She participated in promotion of our events and she has helped to organize several trips or other events.

Lucie Soldánová

Lucka was our Ex-vice president of Erasmus club and maker of posters and other things we needed to create. She likes long hiking trips and walking through countryside in general. 


Ondra Krump

He was our long-time member and coordinator of Erasmus evenings. He was the traditional organizer of Christmas trip to Dresden.


Ghost from Boulder Colorado

is quite important man in our club. He is everywhere and nowhere and probably you never meet him although he meets you :-).