What do you need to do before and after your arrival to Prague?

Posted on: Fri, 01/06/2012 - 15:00 By: Zuzka K

This article describes what you should do after your arrival to the Czech Republic as an Erasmus student of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague.

It will be updated continuously. Last partly updated 8th September 2018 by Jirka.

If you miss any information you would like to know, please ask us. We will do our best to help you.

This article has following sections:

  • Before arrival
  • After arrival
  • Accommodation
  • Enrollment
  • Student ID card
  • Travel pass for public transport in Prague
  • Registration at foreign police
  • Health insurance
  • Psychological Counseling Center for International Students
  • Erasmus Scholarship (accommodation grant)
  • Useful links

Please, consult an expert before doing any moves as we can not be responsible for any possible incorrect information.


Before arrival


Charles University will send you an information brochure by post. There you will find much important information.

Application for accommodation is part of the application procedure. Some of the dormitories offer tourist accommodation, so if you arrive earlier, you can arrange temporary accommodation there.

If you are not planning to use the university accommodation, please, don’t forget to inform the European Office of Charles University as soon as possible.

If you want to get a buddy from our faculty, who can help you after your arrival to Prague and who can be your guide to the Czech culture and life, please look at the IC CUNI website.


After arrival



First you need to check in to your dormitory where you are going to live. You can find detailed information about Hostivař dormitory in this info sheet. Most information is valid for all dormitories in general. More information is also at IC CUNI website.

Information for students at CU website - dormitories



The next step is to visit the Erasmus Office of the Faculty of Science.

The office is on the 2nd floor at Na Slupi street nr. 16. The building is in Botanical Garden — location on a map. Actual office hours are announced here.

In the office you will fill out some forms to enroll at the faculty and you will get your student’s record book (2 passport photos required). In this office they will also arrange your admission to subjects in the Student Information System (based on your Learning agreement).


Apart from visiting the Erasmus office of the Faculty of Science you will need to arrange:


Student ID card

There are three Issue Centres of ID Cards in Prague, the nearest to the Faculty of Science is at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (address: Ke Karlovu 3). You don’t need to have a photo, they will take a photo of you on the spot. You’ll receive your card immediatelly on the spot.

There are two types of student ID cards and you can choose, which type do you want to have:

1) The basic card, which is issued without ISIC licence, is free of charge and entitle the holder to all student discounts on admission, to buy discounted public transport pass etc.

2) The card with ISIC licence costs CZK 230. It serves as the basic student ID and additionally it entitles its holder to many ISIC discounts all over the world. Detailed information regarding the ID cards http://www.cuni.cz/UK-2046.html and http://www.cuni.cz/UK-2918.html.

The validity of the student ID card is proved by enclosed annual faculty coupon, which you will receive at the Erasmus Office of the Faculty of Science. Please don’t lose it :)

Your student ID card serves as an ID card in the Charles University and Faculty of Science libraries (though you need to register in each library when you first use it), a card for payment in the university canteens and for payment of printing in the faculty computer rooms (two separate accounts) and as an ID card, which enables you to get discounted student travel pass for public transport in Prague. Read more about computer rooms and libraries.


Travel pass for public transport in Prague

Arranging a travel pass for public transport in Prague may be a bit confusing, because there are many possibilities how to do it. If you are unsure about how to arrange the pass, please ask us for help. The easiest way to arrange your travel pass is to make your Czech student ID card a travel pass — see 1b).

The types of passes and fees depend on your age:

1) If you are less than 26 years old you are entitled for student discount, but you must be able to proof it in a specified way — read further:

1a) There are no student discounts for single or short-term valid tickets in public transport in Prague (like the 24h valid ticket). More information about prices of tickets in Prague can be found in this article.

1b) If you already have your Czech student ID card from Charles University, you can just register your student card as a travel pass (and buy a paper long-term ticket to be enclosed to the card) at one of the sale offices of the Prague Public Transport Company. The main sale office (address: Na Bojišti 5) is only half a kilometer far from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics’ Issue Center of ID Cards. However, you can buy your travel pass earliest on the next day after issuing your student ID card. The fees for students are monthly (30 days) CZK 260, quarterly (90 days) CZK 720 or for five months (150 days) CZK 1200.

1c) If you have not your Czech student ID card yet or if you want to have a travel pass issued on the same day as the ID card, you can fill in a paper form of the Prague Public Transport Company called “Žádost o vydání průkazky pro časovou jízdenku” and a small certificate of study “Formulář Potvrzení o studiu” (it is avaiable at the sale offices of the Prague Public Transport Company or on-line and it should be available also at the Erasmus Office). Ask somebody for help with filling in the form. The form must have a stamp from the faculty’s Erasmus Office or other official stamp proofing you are Charles University student. With the complete form and your photo you can apply for the travel pass, which you will get immediatelly. The fee for issuing this pass is CZK 30. With your new pass, you can buy a paper long-term ticket to be enclosed to the pass: The fees for students are monthly (30 days) CZK 260 and quarterly (90 days) CZK 720.

2) If you are 26 years old or older, you are no more entitled for student discount in public trasportation in Prague. The fees for adults are monthly (30 days) CZK 550, quarterly (90 days) CZK 1480, 5 months CZK 2450, 12 months CZK 3650. Your student ID card can’t be used for buying public transportation passes. To get a travel pass, fill in a paper form of the Prague Public Transport Company called “Žádost o vydání průkazky pro časovou jízdenku” at one of the sale offices of the Prague Public Transport Company or on-line. Ask somebody for help with filling in the form. The pass is issued at the sale office and costs CZK 30. You need to bring one passport photo.

There is now a new project called “Lítačka” — a smart (chip) card used as the transport pass for passengers in Prague. As it is possible to get a simple paper pass without much hassle, do not bother with that card ;-)

3) If you want, you can also buy a transferable transit pass - i.e. a transferable long-term ticket. It is a bit more expensive than the same tickets on the personal pass (30 days CZK 670 vs 550, 90 days CZK 1880 vs 1480, 365 days CZK 6100 vs 3650), but there is no fee for issuing the pass and it is transferable ;-) If you have somebody visiting you for longer time, he or she may consider buying a transferable pass instead of 1 or 3 day passes or single tickets. The pass can be bought up to 60 days in advance. You don’t need to fill any forms nor to bring a photo, just come to any of the sale offices during the office hours and get it on the spot. The pass is transferable, so you can borrow it to anybody, sell it or whatever else. It has two disadvantages: 1. higher price, 2. if you forget to bring it with you, you will get the same fine as if you don’t have any transport pass (the fine is CZK 800 (or 1500) for passengers without any ticket or CZK 50 for passengers with forgotten personal long-term ticket.

You can always find official and most actual information about prices of Public transport at this site.

– end of 8 Sep 2018 update –

Registration at foreign police

Please, consult a law expert before doing any moves as we can not be responsible for any possible incorrect information.

1) Citizens of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland can stay temporarily in the territory of the Czech Republic without any special permission and only on the basis of a travel document or identity card. They are obliged to report their stay in the event that the length of the intended stay in the Czech Republic is longer than 30 days:

a) Students living in dormitories are registered at the Foreign Police by the dormitory. They don’t have to visit Foreign Police in person, because their accommodation provider (i. e. the dormitory) is reporting their