Trip to Bohemian Paradise 3rd - 4th Nov. 2012

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Lukáš E. from Erasmus Club is organising a weekend trip to Bohemian Paradise:

During the hiking trip you will visit the castles of Trosky, Hrubá Skála and Valdštejn and among other you will also see the rock town Skalák and sculptures in forest by Kopic’s farm.

>>>Sign up here.<<<

>>>Lukáš will come to the Erasmus Evening on 29th October - you should pay him 200 Kč deposit there.<<<

Price: Train ticket approx. 160 Kč/person + accomodation 200 Kč/person

Meeting point on the 3rd of November: Main train station Prague (Praha hlavní nádraží) in front of NeoLuxor bookstore, metro station Hlavní nádraží at 9:05!!!


Departure: 3rd Nov. 2012 9:25 am Main train station Prague

Train: R 1140 Metoděj Vlach

Arrival: 4th Nov. 2012 8:38 pm Main train station Prague

Train: R 1149

Accomodation: Camp Sedmihorky, Chalet Karina or Flora

Equipment needed:



Shoes (see the picture below)



Detailed shedule:

3.11. DaDa Trip to Castle Trosky                                           

Arrival to Borek Under Trosky 11:44am

  • 12:22 Castle Trosky, Entrace fee: 60Kč
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:30 Valley under Trosky
  • 15:30 Hrubá Skála
  • Point of view Marianska
  • 18:00 Camp Sedmihorky
  • Pub  - beer, dinner….

During trip -  funny games ☺

4.11. Valdstejn – Kopicuv statek

  • 10:00 departure
  • 11:00 Skalák - Rock town
  • 12:00 Kopicuv statek  - sculptures in forest
  • Castle Valdstejn
  • Point of view Hlavatice –
  • Lunch
  • Turnov
  • departure to Prague

We are looking forward to seeing you at the trip!


I would like to sing up! How can I?
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We have finally published a form - please, sign up here:

Hi, I didn't know that we had to meet Lukas on Monday, so I haven't pay the money for Bohemian Paradise... I'm really interested in going so, please tell me where and when can I pay. On the other hand, is there any free place? Cause I have some friends who would like to go too... Thanks a lot! P.S.: I wrote an email yesterday evening to Lukas, but he didn't answered yet...
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