Henry W.A. Hanson: Urban ecology + design and planning


Where ends the nature and the town begins? Is it reasonable question? How can city planner use laws of ecology for his work? Which chances and opportunities we have in our cities, which we use and we could possibly use? How the city built according to know-how of ecology as scientific discipline looks like in the concrete? 

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Associate Professor Jan Marc: Plant Growth and Development


The course “Plant growth and development” (MB130P20E) by Associate Professor Jan Marc from the University of Sydney, Australia will be held at the Department of Experimental Plant Biology in October. Four lectures will be given, first lecture is going to be on Friday the 8th of October from 9:00 to 12:00, the following lectures are going to be next three Fridays in the same time.

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Short lecture: Environmental stability of municipal solid waste incineration residues


On 15th October will be held a workshop useful especially for Mgr. and PhD students named „Environmental stability of municipal solid waste incineration residues“. The course will be led by eminent European experts on this topic - Dr. Thomase Astrup (Technical University of Denmark) and Dr. Jiří Hykše (Danish Hydrological Institute).

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Prof. Llewellyn Foxcroft: Kruger National Park (Africa)


Week-long workshop — Prof. Llewellyn Foxcroft will talk about Kruger National Park and savannas of South Africa generally, he will also mention some problems of the region. The workshop will be held probably at the beginning of November and is held under the patronage of the Department of Ecology (but in my opinion not only biology students will enjoy this event). 

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