Hiking trip to České středohoří ("Czech Central Mountains")

Lovoš hill

Join us for about 12 km hike to unique part of Czech republic, where you can see many steep hills, usually volcano-shaped. We will ascend the Lovoš hill (569 m) and depending on the weather we will continue to Oparno castle ruin and Milešovský stream or we will just go back to Lovosice train station.

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Hiking trip - Sázava river and the history of czech scouting

Sázava river - Stvořidla

Join us on Sunday 19. 10. 2014 for a trip to unspoilt nature along Sázava river. We will pass through the forest nature reserve and we will visit Sluneční zátoka — spot where the history of the czech scouting movement was made.

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Hiking trip - Křivoklát Castle


Join us for a trip through the forests of the nature reserve Křivoklátsko to the famous castle Křivoklát.

We will travel by train to a nearby village, walk to the castle, which, among other things, has one of the largest castle libraries, and also a collection of sledges, take a tour of the castle and then walk a bit more and take the train back. The whole route is about 10 km long (+ walking around the castle :).

When? Sunday 5th October

Price: 300 CZK (to be paid on the spot)


Hiking trip to stone sculptures of Vaclav Levy

Devil|s Heads

Join us for a hiking trip to an unusual place! A Czech sculptor Václav Levý carved many interesting sculptures into sandstone rocks in the area around Želízy, a village north of Prague. These include ‘The Devil’s Heads’, ‘The Harpist’ or decorations of the caves Klácelka and Mordloch.

Date: Saturday 2nd November


Trip to Bohemian Paradise 3rd - 4th Nov. 2012

Lukáš E. from Erasmus Club is organising a weekend trip to Bohemian Paradise:

During the hiking trip you will visit the castles of Trosky, Hrubá Skála and Valdštejn and among other you will also see the rock town Skalák and sculptures in forest by Kopic’s farm.

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