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Sport at Faculty of Science

Department of Physical Education of Faculty of Science provides many different sport opportunities. There are regular classes, training courses and even two University’s Sports Clubs (in Czech “Vysokoškolský sportovní klub” = VSK). 

Regular classes

You can choose from:

  • Specialized gym – for all sports below enter to SIS system code MS730C
    • Aerobic
    • Poweryoga
    • Pilates
    • Aqua-aerobic
    • Strengthening
    • Health exercising
    • Swimming
    • Canoeing
    • Tennis
    • Softball
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Soccer
    • Futsall
    • Florball
    • Table tennis
    • Climbing (in Praha-Ruzyně, Chodov or Holešovice)
    • Sport diving
    • Athletics
    • Orientation sports
    • Golf
  •  General gym in winter semester, which includes basics of swimming and fitness exercise (aerobic, athletics, bodybuilding etc.). Code for SIS system is MS730A
  • General gym in summer semester, which includes basics of games and canoeing – code for SIS system is MS730B

MS730A abd MS730B are mainly for 1st year students, for which they are compulsory, but others can sign in, too.

Both general gyms last 90 min, specialized gyms last 60 min every week. You can enroll for one of them every semester. You will get 1 credit for physical presence in class (but if you want, you can attend more classes but without right to credit – in this case ask the instructor about it). If you choose general gym, aqua-aerobic, swimming or canoeing, you will have to go through a swimming test at the beginning of winter semester.

How to enlist yourself to a course?

Put the right code to a SIS – each general gym has its own code (winter MS730A, summer MS730B), for all specialized gym enter MS730C. Then you will see schedule of each one. Click to a time and kind of sport you would like to attend and sign up for it. Some sports have very high demand (climbing, pilates, aqua-aerobic, power-yoga) so it’s necessary to do this early enough. 

Training courses

Department of Physical Education of Faculty of Science provides wide range of training courses, specialized to different fields of sport. You can enroll for them next to your weekly class or just for them. You will get 1 credit for physical presence in a course. You can meet there many new friends and enjoy lots of fun there. Available training courses:

Summer courses

  • Summer training course I – primary for all students at first grade, but all others are welcomed, non-specialized, held at Albeř camp – code for SIS system is MS730LK
  • Summer training course II — primary for all students at second grade, but all others are welcomed, canoeing, held at Horská Kvilda or Vltava River, code for SIS system is MS730LK2

Voluntary summer courses – MS730LKV

  • Albeř -  hiking, games, tennis, golf, survival
  • Albeř/ Horská Kvilda – cycling
  • Horská Kvilda – hiking
  • Horská Kvilda/ Vltava River/ Slovak Rivers – canoeing
  • Free-diving and Scuba diving courses

Winter courses – MS730ZK or MS730ZKV

All of them are orientated on skiing and cross-country skiing. You can choose trip to Ore Mountains (“Krušné hory”), Giant Mountains (“Krkonoše”) or Bohemian Forest (“Šumava”). There are usually more chalets in each range. 

How to enlist yourself to a training course?

Enter the code of type of course you chose to a SIS. Then check websites of Department of Physical Education of Faculty of Science (or ask somebody who knows Czech, since the website probably won’t be in English soon). Each lector, who organizes the course, puts there further information about the course including the price and necessary items you should take along and also how to subscribe for this course (usually by e-mail). Then you should pay for the course. It’s usually between 1 000 and 2 000Kč (depends on type of a course and place, diving courses are more expensive).

University’s Sports Clubs = VSK

University’s Sports Club Natural Science = VSK Přírodní vědy

You can enjoy evening professionally lesons and then battles and tournaments from volleyball, floorball, softball etc. or just enjoy the fun of belly-dance, aqua- aerobic, tae-bo or basics of diving. Check the web with general information (only in Czech).

University’s Sports Club Science = VSK Přírodověda

This is another University’s Sports Club there. It cooperate with Sport Centrum UK and held trainings at Hostivař. The membership dues are 300Kč for year. They have also nice websites, however they are also only in Czech.

Sport events

There are few sport events, where you can find new friend and enjoy lots of fun. And you can win some nice price or just enjoy the atmosphere. Some of them are here:

  • Děkanský sportovní den – Dean of faculties’s sport day – held on April
  • Rektorský sportovní den – Principal’s sport day
  • České akademické hry – Czech academicals game
  • Memoriál Miroslava Bubníka – Miroslav Bubnik memorial’s rate – held on November
  • Sportovní den Geografické sekce – Sport day of Geographic section – held on October
  • Etc.


Sport-centrum: Bruslařská 1132/10, Praha 15 – Hostivař (most the of the courses) Plan of the areal.

Ship-yard Regata: Podolské nábřeží 4, Praha 4 – Podolí (canoeing)

(originally written by Jana Chrudimská, updated)