Recommendation by Erasmus students

Learn and get inspired by your collegues, the international students who were in Prague in recent years.

I would definetely recommend studying at the Charles University in Prague. It’s one of the best universities in Europe. It has all the necessary equipment a student may need for studying or a science research. The people in the Erasmus office are very nice and helpful and the students from the Erasmus club made our stay great.
I would advise the next generation of Erasmus students to take part in the “Buddy program”, because a local person can be very helpful especially in the beginning.

Ivo, Bulgaria, summer 2012


You should choose Prague and the Faculty of Science because:

  • … there are so many amazing people from all over that you can meet;
  • … you have the possibility to live in a beautiful metropolitan city;
  • … it’s easy to get around in Prague — day and night. (The public transport system works perfectly);
  • … you won’t get tired of Prague! There are so many things to do and see and of course you can travel easily to other places by train or bus;
  • … many trips, parties and cultural activities are especially arranged for ERASMUS students.

Nina, Germany, summer 2012


I can not imagine better place for Erasmus. The city is beautifull, everybody can find here something special for himself, people are from all over the world, mostly nice ;) And the faculty offers many different activities, interesting subjects and wonderful atmosphere. What else can you demand?
Erasmus students should take care of their stuff because of pickpocketing in public transport.  And don’t give up after first contact with dorms in Hostivar;) At the beginning, you have to get use to it, but later it’s really ok.

Joanna, Poland, summer 2012


Prague is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. Faculty of Science is not bad, but communication with teachers might be difficult sometimes. So talk with your buddy and your friends — it helps:)

Erasmus student, January 2013


Experienced people are working in the laboratories. There are good teachers at Faculty of Science and generaly education is of high quality.
Try to get Czech friends especially for the reception at accommodation office. Otherwise you might have difficulties because not everybody there speaks English.

Erasmus student, January 2013


Prague is a wonderful city full of life and many things to see at every corner. The faculty staff is very competent, we were told everything we needed to know about the faculty and the life in Prague. And also organizes many interesting events to integrate all erasmus students.

Erasmus student, summer 2013


I would like to tell future erasmus students that if they choose Prague as their destination it will be worth it. It’s a lovely city that they will enjoy and they will fall in love with the buildings, parks, statues, lights and smells. The public transportation it’s very efficient and cheap so you will be able to go to every place without problems. However, many people in prague don’t speak English so that was my biggest problem there. Also I would like to warn you of catching a taxi, they are to very expensive and sometimes you end up paying more than what you should pay, so it’s better to use the public transportation that is really good and much cheaper.

Erasmus student, summer 2013