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As an exchange student at CU, you can borrow books from the Charles University libraries. There are some other libraries in Prague, which request registration and payment of a small yearly fee - such as the National Library of the CR, the National Technical Library and the Municipal Library of Prague.

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Sport at Faculty of Science

Department of Physical Education of Faculty of Science provides many different sport opportunities. There are regular classes, training courses and even two University’s Sports Clubs (in Czech “Vysokoškolský sportovní klub” = VSK). 

Regular classes

You can choose from:

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The Faculty of Science


Basic information about the structure of the Faculty of Science, websites of each department and contacts to the Erasmus coordinators. 

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Exams at Faculty of Science


Erasmus students

There is no strict way of exams given. Usually students conclude with the particular teacher and it's up to them to specify the way of examination. You can also often set up the date together with the teacher individually. If you are staying here for longer time, it might be useful to work with SIS by yourself rather than let Mrs. Tesarikova in Erasmus Office do it for you. Nevertheless it's not compulsory. 

Examination may be oral or written (multiple choice, essay, open questions etc., sometimes electronic) or combined. 


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