Last Friday on 10th December 2010 prepared members of Erasmus Club a Night Game for Erasmus students. The theme was “The Pilgrimage Through Old Prague” and it started in front of Hlavova 8 building, where Zuzka Novosadová explained the rules: “During your pilgrimage you will solve 6 different tasks and several questions such as “How is Czech traditional Trdelník prepared?”, which you need to find nearby — the exact place you will find in this crossword.” And so the icy game had begun.

After puzzling out the crossword 2 Italian girls Sabrina and Paola, Maria from Estonia, Nina from Germany, Katarina from Slovakia and Jan from the Czech Republic start on an adventurous journey.  During two hours they had a chance to hear about Czech Velvet revolution from Zuzka Kubínová on Wenceslav square, taste a Czech typical food in front of Powder Tower with Andrej Hurný or draw a “peeing” Charles in front of Charles Bridge with Dája Hojcsková. Here one group quitted due to freezing cold, however, two other groups has bravely continued to the National Theatre, where they were supposed to prepare a short play about one Czech legendary person given by Jana Bílá and Ondra. The very last task was to go through the Botanical Garden blind and toungless (Scary guides played Veronika Korittová and Martin Moravec). After that they were proclaimed the Best Prague Pilgrims and got diploma and sweets.

In the Botanical Department building then took place a small banquet with warm tea and other refreshment. Girls played their theatre about Forefather Czech and Warrior Bivoj and showed us the drawings of Charles IV..


In spite of cold weather everybody blazed with enthusiasm and seemed to be completely satisfied. So if you like our Night Game do not hesitate end join our next game in 2011!!! We will be immensely looking forward to you.

Finally I would like to thank all organisers (this game wouldn’t be complete also without help of Eliška Holzerová and Celie Korittová) and participants. We had altogether a marvelous time!


Magda Hrdinová

Posted on: Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:18 By: Student (not verified)