Prof. Llewellyn Foxcroft: Kruger National Park (Africa)


Prof. Llewellyn Foxcroft will be visiting our faculty in the fall and during his visit, he will lecture a workshop focused on the Kruger National Park (it’s establishment and related topics, habitats, flora and fauna) and the ecosystems of savannas of South Africa generally. During the second part he will focus on the problem of plant invasions — again generally in the South Africa and also in detail at Kruger National Park. In the last part of the class he will summarize contemporary general opinion about management of natural recources. The detailed contents of the workshop are in the attached document and at

The workshop is held under the patronage of the Department of Ecology. If you are interested in this workshop, please contact doc. Adam Petrusek (petrusekatcesnet [dot] cz). 

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