Posted on: Wed, 03/14/2018 - 21:04 By: Anezka

How to get to know the culture of different countries? Through food, of course!

Make your homeland proud by showing us its cuisine and try dishes from other international students in return. We assure you that leaving the event hungry is near to impossible! 
You can look forward to worldwide cuisine, music, great international atmosphere and most importantly – the best dish contest :)

Register your dish and yourself:
Plates and cutlery will be provided by us. Vegan options will be available.


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This is such a great idea! Bringing people together through food is one of the best ways to do it and help people experience different cultures. Me and my employees over at should do more of this kind of stuff.

This is a super event! This activity, especially for women, can have a big impact. As a result of these studies carried out in my own country, I would like to state that we have established relationships with many different cultures. There is only one missing item in your post, which is that you use a form. If you use the software, you can have a detailed and comprehensive database on the food industry of different cultures. For example, in this article I mentioned in my personal blog ( ), I wrote about what can be done with computer software that many industries can use. If you use sample software from the categories listed, you can be more successful in your work.

Thank you.