Hiking trip - National park "Czech paradise"

Posted on: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 00:59 By: Jan Kriz

We still have last few free spots for a trip — sign up here.


Update on Hiking Trip on 23.10.:


To enjoy the whole day, we’ll start very early! We’ll meet at Hlavní nádraží (Main Train Station, red metro line), in front of the Burger King (terrible orientation point, I know) at 7:10 am. Please, be punctual this time, because, to get the discount, we will buy the tickets together as a group.


The train leaves a bit later so if you know that you are on your way but won’t make it at 7:10, call some of your friends or call me, we’ll buy the ticket for you… But try not to need this assistance in the first place…


You can invite other friends, even from another faculty or another university…


We will visit some impressive sandstone formations and ruins of the Castle Valečov in the region called Bohemian Paradise. It is not the most famous sight in the region, but for this reason it could be much more adventurous! Prepare yourself for a 15km long hiking trip in a rocky terrain, which means good shoes, appropriate clothes, some protection against rain, snack and some pocket money for the lunch (in case we meet a pub along the way). The return train ticket should cost around 150 Kc.


We shall be back at the Main station at 18:38 or 20:38 if we get stuck inside some pub or rocks… 


Marek & Honza