Erasmus evening - Czech Easter

Erasmus evening - Czech Easter

Easter is aproaching! And with it some special Czech traditions you might not have in your home country.

Do you know, for example, what is “pomlázka”? And what is „kraslice“? Do you want to taste „beránek“ and „mazanec“? We will also decorate eggs together, and then you will have a chance to experience the most special and widespread of Czech traditions ;-) It is really bizarre!

Moreover, this event will take place on Thursday 13 April, which is the Thursday when Easter begins and we call it Green Thursday in the Czech Republic.

OK… what are you waiting for?! See you in Chladič!

Feel free to bring your friends with you!

(Češi jsou také vítáni!)

The event is held in Chladič club.

Chladič club is located in the basement of Hlavova 2030/8, near tram station Albertov (trams  7, 18, 24). In the building arrows will be there to guide you to the Chladic club.

See map.: (link is external)


But Czechs still love to celebrate Easter and have many unique customs, some involving whips… … It is traditional for boys and men to chase girls and women around and hit them with wooden whips (gently, don’t worry!) Or they douse them with cold water.

On Easter Sunday, the girls and women of the village decorate Easter eggs (“kraslice”). … For particularly well decorated eggs there is even an Easter egg contest held annually in Prague. As girls paint their eggs, the boys prepare their Easter whips (“pomlázka”), ready for Easter Monday.

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