Dr. M. Aydin Akbudak: Plant Biotechnology (selected topics) - CANCELLED

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The course is cancelled because the lecturer can not come to Prague due to administrative reasons at his university.

Assistant Professor Dr. M. Aydin Akbudak from Konya N.E. University, Turkey will give a short course called “Plant Biotechnology (selected topics)”. This course will be held from the 12th to the 14th of January 2015 at the Department of Experimental Plant Biology, Viničná 5.


12. and 13. 1. 2015 two-day course

(tentatively 9:50-11:30 and 13:10-14:50)

  •     Introduction to Plant Biotechnology
  •     Use of site-specific recombination systems in crop improvement
  •     Emerging technologies for improvement in plant transformation (ZFNs, TALENs, CRISPR/Cas9).
  •     Gene Silencing: Molecular strategies to prevent gene silencing
  •     Thrust areas in biotechnology
  •     Environmental Impact of crop biotechnology
  •     Transgene containment strategies

14. 1. 2015 lecture

“Use of Site-specific Recombination (SSR) systems and terminator-less transgene constructs in crop improvement”

No registration is needed. If you are interested, come at 12th of January to Viničná 5. The lecture room will be specified later.

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