IT, computers etc.

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Do you know all your IT possibilities at our Faculty? There are many advantages you can take from this knowledge. This is short review of computer-linked topics and problems — study rooms, computer classes, working on the computers (how to log in if you don’t know Czech etc. :-) ). 


In Erasmus office (dr. Chalupová, Mrs. Tesaříková) you will get an Student ID card and along with this you will get your login and password. This login (username) and password you can use to enter the CAS (Centrální autentizační služba, Central Authentication Service). This service alows you to change your password (you should probably do it as soon as possible since the “primary” password expires in 10 days) or get new one. You also can set up your connection to wifi at the campus and some other tasks (for more information see page about the CAS). 

Study rooms (“studovny”)

The study rooms are probably the service you will use most often. There are several of them in Faculty of Science buildings. The website of these rooms is only in Czech, but still there are many usefull information for you (schedule, available software, how many computers is currently unoccupied etc.). Don’t get confused — there are also information about the computer classes (“učebny”). Be aware of the fact that the Windows used on this computers are in the Czech version and also the service in the study rooms often is not willing to speak other than Czech. However, there are always plenty of other students in the room so don’t be shy and ask them for help. 


Albertov 6

The biggest study room is at Albertov 6 (“deanery”) in the “tower” (Věž). It’s above the 3rd floor close to the elevator (follow the yellow signs “studovna”). There are 45 computers (with headphones), black-and-white and color printer, 2 scanners. The service can give you new password for CAS. It’s open every day, but the schedule is different in the semester and during the exams. 


Viničná 7

There is a study room in the Biological library in the 1st floor of Viničná 7 building. It has 19 computers and black-and-white printer. The study room has the same opening hours as the Biological library. There is also copy service at the library which you can use.

Using the computers

Since there are Czech versions of Windows and generally everything is in Czech, here is a little help how to use the computer.



The computers are usually running, you just have to move the mouse to wake them up, than a window with a message that says “Press Ctrl+Alt+Del” appears. Then there is a second window with a message (about the study room rules etc.), you just have to press OK. Than use your login and password (it’s the same as for CAS) and press OK.


Saving your data

You can use local disks of the computer you are working on (especially disk D:), your USB flash disks, floppy disks (?) or you can use shared disks of the servers. The best option (especially for important data) is your directory at the server (disk J:) because you can access them from all computers at the faculty. 

The most of installed software saves by default to disk D:, but you can of course change it when saving. This disk is accessible for all logged-in users at the computer, thus don’t leave there important data. 

All computers have USB port, CD mechanics and some have floppy disk mechanics.


Logging off

Press “Start” button in the left bottom corner of your screen and choose “Vypnout…”. Than choose “Odhlásit uživatele…” if someone else is going to use the computer, otherwise choose “Vypnout”, and confirm by clicking OK. Don’t forget to log yourself out! 


The black-and-white laser printers are available in all study rooms, at Albertov 6 (“Věž”) is also possible to print color documents in format A4 (also laser). The printing is selfservice and it’s operated by the SafeQ system. You need your Student ID to use this system and some change to put to your SafeQ account. There are machines at the study rooms where you can put money in your SafeQ account (which you get automatically). You can do this also at the Faculty office, there you can also withdraw the rest of your money. The prices are different for black-and-white and for color printing. One A4 black-and-white page costs 1 Kč, duplex page 2 Kč. If you print on color printer (even if it’s black-and-white page), it’ll cost 10 Kč for page and 20 Kč for duplex printing in color.

From an aplication, you usually choose Soubor/Tisk (File/Print or Ctrl+P) which calls out a window where you can choose if you want black-and-white (\cit2000\CIT_CBtisk) or color printer (\cit2000\CIT_Color), number of copies and other specifications. The duplex printing is accessible if you press “Vlastnosti” and than “Úpravy” and “Tisk na obě strany” or “Oboustranný tisk”. 


At the Biological library is an copier which students can use. Usually during opening hours of the library, there is a student who sits close to the copier and who is responsible for it. He or she will do the copy for you. The price is about 2 Kč per page.