Exams at Faculty of Science

Posted on: Thu, 07/08/2010 - 09:50 By: admin

Erasmus students

There is no strict way of exams given. Usually students conclude with the particular teacher and it’s up to them to specify the way of examination. You can also often set up the date together with the teacher individually. If you are staying here for longer time, it might be useful to work with SIS by yourself rather than let Mrs. Tesarikova in Erasmus Office do it for you. Nevertheless it’s not compulsory. 

Examination may be oral or written (multiple choice, essay, open questions etc., sometimes electronic) or combined. 

Other students

Czech students are usually supposed to sign up for a term of each exam on SIS — Student Information System. They are allowed to be signed up for one term per class at time only. There is also a deadline for signing in and out for each term. This page also provide information about free space, venue, time and form of that term. The grade and the credits the student got are also visible in the system.