Erasmus evenings

Erasmus Evenings are regular meetings of Czech and international students - a chance to meet new friends, learn about Czech and foreign customs, try interesting food, play games, watch movies or just hang out and chat.

They take place every second Thursday from 7 pm in Chladič, in the basement of the Chemistry building, Hlavova 8 (just the next street to Albertov).We are open to any suggestions and contributions from you. Can you teach us folk dances from your country? Do you want to tell us about something special from your country? Can you juggle and do you want to teach us?

If you have any ideas, feel free to contact

Ondra: ondra.krump[snail]seznam[dot]cz and

Lukáš: lukas.hochmann[snail]gmail[dot]com

Looking forward to seeing you!


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