Posted on: Thu, 05/19/2011 - 21:23 By: admin

Most of the classes at our faculty is taught in Czech. However, there are of course some classes in English. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of them and it can be really hard to find them. 

From the winter semester 201½012 there is a list of classes which are supposed to be in English. In case you will be told (by a teacher etc.), that the class is not running or you wont be permitted to join it, please tell us :-)

How you see, the list is not really long (except the chemistry). However, you don’t have to pick you classes up only from that list! There are some more classes in SIS (Student informational system), which are taught in English. These are not guarantied, so we recommend to ask the teacher before your arrival (his or her email is available after clicking the name).

Also there is a possibility (although this one depends almost absolutely on the teacher’s will) you can sign for a class regularly taught in Czech and you will get some assignments in English (so you will get the credits but you won’t attend the class with other students) or if also the Czech students want the class can be completely taught in English. However, this is very rare, we recommend trying this possibility too. The Czech classes can be found at this part of SIS (don’t be confused, the names are in English, but check the “Language:” box after clicking the class name). Sometimes you can find a note in the annotation, that the class can be taught in English, than definitely try it! (and let us know, if it worked or not).

Hope you will find something useful for your further studies :-) We try our best to improve the number and range of classes, but it’s slow process…