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If you are hungry during lunchtime on working day, you may want to eat in one of the 11 Charles University canteens in Prague. The vast majority of local students eats there. The Czech word for student’s canteen is “menza”. Lunch is “oběd” and usually consists of soup and warm main meal.

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Where are the canteens?

The canteens are spread throughout Prague and can be found in the dormitories or near parts of the university. Complete list including addressses and photos.
The closest canteens to the Faculty of Science are Albertov and Budeč. The Hostivař dormitory has its canteen too.

What are the opening hours?

The opening hours are usually from 11 am to 2 pm with some exceptions.

How much does it cost?

The price is subsidized and depends on the meal, the mean price for students is CZK 43 for one lunch, which includes a soup, main course and canteen tea.

How to pay the meals?

You have to insert some money (at least CZK 200) to your account on your student ID card. You can do it at the cash-desk in any of the canteens. Then you can pay your meals with the card. The meal is payed when you place the card to the sensor before taking your meal at the counter.

What is on the menu?

The menu consists of typical Czech canteen food. Menus of all Charles University canteens are published here. You can switch to English, but the menus are in Czech, so ask your buddy for help with the translation.

How can I order meal in advance?

You don’t have to order meal in advance, but it’s advisable to. During the opening hours is the selection narrower and narrower and after 1 pm there could be only one meal on the offer. However, you’ll be charged for the ordered meal whether you take it or not. You can order your meal here — you’ll get your login and password at the cash-desk in any of the canteens. The orders are accepted until 2 pm the day before. If you decide that you don’t want the meal afterwards, you can put your unwanted order to the “Meal exchange”. If somebody order that meal from the “Meal exchange”, he’ll pay it and your order will be cancelled.


I like the best things of canteens which are spread all over Prague and can be found in the dormitories or near parts of the university. Thankful to you for updating here about where are the canteens, how much does it cost, what is on the menu and many more.
Resume writer,

Such a great truth. Will have to pass this on. I met a guy at who wears a canteen on his hip for water when he cleans rooftops and removed moss and people frown at him because they think it’s alcohol but really canteens are just great for working outdoors.