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Farewell party

 Farewell party for our glorious erasmus students!

  We would like to invite you to newly reopened student club Mrtvá ryba. If you want to spend another day with your friends from the whole faculty come and enjoy free barbecue almost in the area of botanical garden!

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Erasmus Club Christmas party

When? Sunday 16th December, 7pm

Where? 2nd floor of Biology building, Benátská 2 (the one in the Botanical garden)


To see each other before we all rush home for Christmas, enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas approaching, try delicious homemade Christmas sweets and other food and learn about Czech Christmas traditions (we have a lot of them!).

Ok, I’m coming. What else should I do?

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This event is organised by Pája - a member of Erasmus Club.
When: 23rd October 2012 from 11am to 7 p.m
Where: Chladič Student club - Hlavova 2, Prague 2 - building of Chemistry - ground floor.
This is a special event for each girl or boy, who want to sell or buy something from/to her/his wardrobe. If you have some clothes, which you don´t use any more and if it is still beaufiful, bring it for a student fashion trade. Motto? Student prices!
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Erasmus evening: "What do you know about the Czech Republic?"

Visit the first Erasmus evening in this semester - this time with a nacionalistic topic “What do you know about the Czech Republic?” By a quiz show you will be initiated into the mysteries of Czech culture and nature. So boys, if you want to amaze a Czech girl with a knowledge of the most adored Czech actor or girls, if you wish to catch a Czech boys’ attention by reeling of the names of the most famous Czech sportsmen, come on 8th October (Monday) at 7 p. m. to Benátská 2 building.

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Welcome party for all international students from the Charles Uni!

At Meetfactory art centre/club (Ke sklárně 15, Prague 5)
Programme: DJ N’Zym + outdoor barbecue + exhibition of contemporary art (opened til 11 p.m.)

Price: 80 CZK in pre-sale (from IC CUNI coordinators during registration and all Orientation Week (Day) events / in IC CUNI Office 24th-27th September 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.: Faculty of Social Sciences - at Smetanovo nábřeží 6, Prague 1, room 19 (tram stop National Theatre) / 100 CZK at the door

Transportation by buses directly from Hostivař, Větrník and Hvězda dorms is included. Detailed shedule is below.


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