About us

The Erasmus Club began its activity in the end of April 2010. It’s a replacement of a previously established club, which perished a few years ago. We are already well established, but still in need of help in our goals.

We, members of this club, would like to help the Erasmus students coming to Faculty of Science not only with the orientation during the first days but also we would also like to offer some interesting activities for them as well as for the Czech students. Our goal is to integrate the Erasmus students as much as they will want to and also enrich our Czech schoolmates with some foreign experience.

We are planning to organize not only activities within the Faculty of Science, but we would like to cooperate with the ESN CU Prague and with other clubs at other faculties.

Our aim is to make the life of Erasmus students in Prague easy and enjoyable.

You can follow us on facebook too.

For Czech students — pro české studenty

Pokud se chcete zapojit do činnosti Erasmus klubu, přečtěte si o nás v češtině a kontaktujte nás.

Pokud vás zajímají možnosti studia v zahraničí, sledujte stránky Erasmu na fakultním webu