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About Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

Annual Ball of the Faculty of Science , Charles University


Cordially invite you all to the next Annual Ball Faculty of Science, to be held on Friday , 22nd February 2013 from 20:00 am at the Prague Congress Centre.

WHEN: 22nd February 2013 from 20:00

WHERE: Congress Centre, 5. května 65, Praha 2

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Erasmus accommodation grant for the winter semester of 2012/2013


Important information from the Charles University website:

The accommodation grant is paid by Charles University in Prague as a contribution to the costs of accommodation during university studies. The grant will in winter semester 2012/2013 consists of 580,- Kč per month.

Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling: Technology and Applications for Petroleum Exploration Risk and Resource Assessments


Date: November 27th, 2012, from 9 to 12

Location: Mineralogická lecture room, Albertov 6

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Most of the classes at our faculty is taught in Czech. However, there are of course some classes in English. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of them and it can be really hard to find them. 

From the winter semester 201½012 there is a list of classes which are supposed to be in English. In case you will be told (by a teacher etc.), that the class is not running or you wont be permitted to join it, please tell us :-)

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If you are hungry during lunchtime on working day, you may want to eat in one of the 11 Charles University canteens in Prague. The vast majority of local students eats there. The Czech word for student’s canteen is “menza”. Lunch is “oběd” and usually consists of soup and warm main meal.

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As an exchange student at CU, you can borrow books from the Charles University libraries. There are some other libraries in Prague, which request registration and payment of a small yearly fee - such as the National Library of the CR, the National Technical Library and the Municipal Library of Prague.

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