Hand made night

Posted on: Wed, 03/11/2015 - 11:26 By: Ondra
Hand made night

Do you want to make something nice for yourself, your friends or your family? Come to our Hand Made Night to learn how to work with beads and cotton to create something wonderful :)


Please wear some long sturdy pants (preferably jeans) and bring scissors and safety pins, if you have those!

Looking forward to see you on Thursday, 12 March at 19:00 in Chladič student club!

Where to find Chladic club



Posted on: Wed, 02/25/2015 - 09:07 By: TomBur
The monastery

During this trip we will visit one of the most beautiful monasteries in Bohemia. We can find architectural imprints of the best Czech baroque architects that were Jan Blažej Santini Aichel or Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer there, see the library and other premises of the monastery. We will take a 10 km long walk through the forest and countryside and later that day we will visit Pilsner Urquell Brewery.

Date of event:  March 21, 2015

Meeting  time: 7: 45 am (The main railway station)


International Dinner at the Faculty of Science

International Dinner at the Faculty of Science

Hey folks!
We are pretty sure that everybody of you is proud of your national cuisine, because each country has something special. Would you like to share it with the people from other countries of the world? Just prepare something unique, come and enjoy meals and evening in our student club in building of chemistry. Organizers will prepare short presentation about Czech national cuisine and some delicious Czech meals as well. It is just up to you what you will prepare and what you will drink.
Maybe later I´ll post here more information, map and other stuff.

Where are the lecture halls?

Posted on: Mon, 02/16/2015 - 19:24 By: Zuzka K

If you wonder where your lecture taught is, try to find its schedule in the Student information system. If the subject is already scheduled, you will see it placed in the week timetable including the room code. If you click on it, the exact dates will appear.

On the student website (in Czech) you can find room codes and their locations including plans of whole floors.


Celofakultní seminář o Erasmu

Posted on: Fri, 01/23/2015 - 10:56 By: phlox

Chtěli byste vyjet na Erasmus?

Přijďte a dozvíte se, co všechno vás čeká!

Nenechte si ujít jedinečnou příležitost dozvědět se o programu Erasmus vše, co vás zajímá!
Nejenom o podmínkách výjezdu a nových pravidlech schvalování studijních plánů, ale uslyšíte i jedinečné zážitky a zkušenosti studentů, kteří se z Erasmu právě vrátili!

KDY10.2.2015 v 15:00

KDEVelká geologická posluchárna (A6)

Hand made night

Posted on: Thu, 11/13/2014 - 15:04 By: Ondra
Hand made night

Do you want to make something nice for yourself, your friends or your family? Come to our Hand Made Night to learn how to work with beads, wires, cotton, wool and more to create something wonderful :)

It takes place in Chladič club, on Thursday 20 November, from 7 pm.

Where to find Chladic club

Chladic club, located in the basement of Hlavova 2030/8, near tram station Albertov (trams 6, 7, 18, 24). In the building arrows will be there to guide you to the Chladic club.

See map.:

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